My Story

Recently I left a facebook group that calls themselves "Midwest Integras"  I have been with the group for over 2 years and I was one of the admins.  Everything got off to a good start and all was fine.  We had a small hand full of merchandise and held meets; it was fun.  Over the time with the group it seems as if things started to die off.  I spend personal money (I know this was my choice) to get a website and a forum up and running.  We didn't have a lot of members but it was pretty cool creating a forum.  Obviously I had to pay for the fees every month.  The "president" of MWT (midwest  tegs) also claimed he would help me out with financing.  But guess what, after two years that never happened.  Not even once.  Every time I asked or when the bill came due he would make up excuses such like "I just got a huge bill I had no idea about" or whatever else.  I came to the conclusion that I was not going to get any support for him what-so-ever.   I think the only thing he spent money on were some decals.  That's it.  I also had business cards made so we could hand out at meets and other events to get people to join up.  

So over those two years I started to lose ambition and desire to keep pushing this club.  It got old that the "president" would not support anything I have done for the club.  The only real supporters were the members.  Because of the members I was able to keep moving ahead, but it was rough.  A few weeks ago (April 2015) I was at my wits end.  There was zero push in the club from the "president" members were getting board and the club was dying.  So I decided to make a spring opener meet.  So I did.  I scheduled the meet for a month out (May 2015).  The "president" was a little upset because I did not notify him right away that I made it and I told him "you keep talking about having meets but never do.  Someone had to take the initiative and get this club going again."  That's basically how it went.  I also took it a step forward and designed shirts for the club.  The members seemed to really like them and I started to get orders for them right away.  It was pretty cool.  

Through out this time (making the shirts and scheduling the meet) the "president' kept giving me a hard time and I had it set in my mind that I will part ways from this club after the first meet and after I get the shirts handed out.  However, it happened sooner than I had planned.

About 2 weeks after I scheduled our first meet and made the shirts the "president" started to really get on my nerves.  He came to me saying he could get shirts cheaper than what I was selling them for.  (I was selling them for $15 a piece).  So I told him then why don't you go ahead and do that and why did you wait 2 years to do it?  Are you just doing it now because you got upset that I took the initiative to make them?  So he took my idea.  Whatever.  Should have made shirts 2 years ago and not have to wait until I make them.  At first he was going to order 3 shirts then he told me later to cancel his order (more bill excuses).  I'm like (in my head) the "president" of the club can't even rep his own group.  It made me really realize, what am I doing here?  Is this guy just using me for the money I have to run the site and forum?  Or what?  I felt as if I was being held back from my full potential to really bring the group up off its feet.  

Another thing that made me upset is that he kept deleting the facebook event (I posted it on the clubs facebook page so he would delete the link) that I made for the meet.  I even pinned it to the top of the facebook group's page and he would delete.  Multiple times.  

So me and him go into it a bit over facebook and I left (even though he "claims" he banned, which is cool I don't care).  I then started my own Integra group.  So far things seem to be going well for that.

Below are a few quotes from the "president" of MWT talking about me that other people showed me.  So I guess you can say "behind my back."  Keep in mind about 99% of what he said is completely fabricated a.k.a. lies.  After reading these I was surprised I wasn't more upset than I thought I would be.  I guess I was more in shock that someone could go so low to make up lies about someone; and for what reason?  Now I don't even want to bring my car to BIR in fear that he might do something to do. Anyways, read the below quotes and keep in mind they are completely fabricated.  

After reading the quotes below you can see how this guy talks.  I'm not telling you to not join MWT I am simply bringing your attention to how this "president" runs the club.  

Since this, I have started a new group "Integra Culture".  You can find us on facebook or you can check out the forum .  Please keep in mind that the forum is still under construction and I don't plan on actually launching it for a while.  INTEGRA CULTURE

 SITE CREATED 4/20/2013